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Make Evangelism Easy

October 18, 2021 Kris Emerson Season 3 Episode 42
Excel Still More
Make Evangelism Easy
Show Notes

Why is evangelism so hard for so many of us? And why have so many churches failed to create a culture of evangelism? God has a plan for His people - to spread the Word through us.  But another sermon telling people to do it won't amount to anything. We need to show people how to make it easy, make it automatic, and make it doable by everyone, not just a few. Today we will look at Jesus interacting with the woman at the well. Here are seven wonderful tips on evangelism that anyone can do, shown to us by our Savior and King.

- See Opportunity Everywhere

- Establish Common Interest

- Make Spiritual Connections

- Build Rapport Patiently

- Suspend Just Condemnation

- Stick to the Issue

- Accomplish Something Definitive