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Creation to Revelation

May 17, 2021 Kris Emerson Season 3 Episode 20
Excel Still More
Creation to Revelation
Show Notes

God has blessed most of us with children to influence and train. Maybe it is your sons and daughters, maybe you've gone on to the parenting heaven of grandkids. Maybe you influence other young family members, kids at church, or in your neighborhood. Do we understand that God is looking to us to share the message of Jesus with them? Like Abraham before us, God chooses us because He seeks growth even beyond our own lives. He is looking for people who will instill faith into the next generation, and teach the Word of God, and the Word that is Christ.

In this episode we will look at the importance of doing this. We will also see that you can start practically anywhere from Genesis to Revelation. And we are introducing a new sponsor to the program who has tools and packages to help. 


- What does God expect from us when He blesses us with children?

- What can we do to help the next generation know Jesus better?

- Do we understand that all of Scripture, beginning to end, is the Christ story?

- How can "Creation to Revelation" help us share that story with those we love?

- What will you do today to pass along the precious faith that saved your life?