Excel Still More

Strategy and Secret

April 26, 2021 Kris Emerson Season 3 Episode 17
Excel Still More
Strategy and Secret
Show Notes

Welcome back to our three part series on marriage. We started a couple of weeks back with a lot of self evaluation.  It starts with looking in the mirror and asking, "is it me?" Then, we talked  about the life triangle, and how you must head closer to God. If both of you can do that, you will always find each other there, in the presence of God. 

Today, we start looking at teamwork. It is time to turn the pronouns towards "us" and "we." It begins by building a strategy, a game plan, a war approach, that IS NOT against one another! No matter what, and no matter who, it must always be the two of you against the world.

And then, let's discuss the SECRET. I love it so much and I hope that comes across in the episode. I won't reveal it here, but you used to know it well, but far too many have forgotten its power and how amazing it feels! Of the entire list, this is the funnest and bestest tip of them all!

- When the battles rages, where are you and where is your spouse?

- If you fight against someone with whom you are one, how will that work out?

- Do you remember how you and your mate fell in love?

- Can you recall the way you spent time together and why it mattered so much to you?

- ASSIGNMENT:  will you take the challenge from the last two minutes of this episode?