Excel Still More

Mirror and Triangle

April 12, 2021 Kris Emerson Season 3 Episode 15
Excel Still More
Mirror and Triangle
Show Notes

Marriage is awesome! At least, that's what God designed it to be. And for nearly all of us, when we first got married, we had awesome expectations. Whatever the state of your home, you can see things get even better by looking at SIX SIMPLE IDEAS.

Maybe you aren't yet married, or maybe you are no longer married. I assure you, these ideas are also for you. Maybe they can prepare to you get way ahead of the game. Or maybe you can share these with loved ones who need more hope in their home. 

This week we will look at the MIRROR and the TRIANGLE. Next week we turn to the Strategy and the Secret.  And, Lord willing, things will wrap up with the Myth and the Passage.

- Is a better marriage possible for every couple?

- Can we boil down all marriage teaching into six simple things?

- Why do I need to start with the mirror?

- What is my part of the triangle and how can I change the shape of things?

- Will you pray this week that God will help you think on and grow in these area?