Excel Still More

Questions For Achievers

April 05, 2021 Kris Emerson Season 3 Episode 14
Excel Still More
Questions For Achievers
Show Notes

Today we conclude a short series on 3 Questions for ... Everyone, Leaders, and now Achievers. This is derived from a podcast called Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron.  Though he didn't mention God and we have modified the topics and questions to address our spiritual walk.

We started with "Believe to Achieve" which addressed questions about what you believe, why you believe it, and whether or not others are seeing it in your life.  We then addressed leaders, which most of us are in some capacity or another.  Are we communicating our vision to our people, and does the world see it in us (think - CHRIST! :-) 

Today, we address people who are engaged. This episode is not for someone who wants to get off the couch. This is for someone who has laced up the shoes and hit the streets. Now what? How do you be sure to keep it going?

- Once I have decided to be active with a passion, what next?

- How can I be sure to keep it going, especially when the new wears off?

- How is my time management?

- How do I self-coach through setbacks?

- Am I giving this maximum effort while I am actually doing it?