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Live To 100

September 04, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 36
Excel Still More
Live To 100
Show Notes

Question: Do you want to live to be 100? I feel like if you and I were chatting you might not give a resounding yes. We've seen a lot of disease and decay and death, and the idea of being here then might invoke a picture of sorrow and pain. But did you know there are people in their 90's and older still living rewarding and enjoyable lives? As you'll hear today, there are some great stories from Japan. But even here in Lindale, TX, there are several in their 90's still drawing joy out of active, service filled lives.

Here's a better question: would you like to live a longer, happier, more productive life with your family that would have happened otherwise with just a few changes? Is there enough life and hope and growth in your life that you'd like to see it happen for the longest time possible? I think most of us would say yes. Well, it's possible. At the very least, a few personal and communal adjustments can make things better for longer. And I know we all want that.

2/3 of all people die from avoidable diseases. In other words, they went out sooner than their bodies were designed to go. Can we do something about that. We can. Let's look at the lives of people who are succeeding in their families and community and learn from them.

-- NOTE -- Link to "Island of Ikaria"

- Are you happy with your life? Are you living with peace and purpose?

- Do you wake up with a mission? Is part of that bringing joy to others?

- How are you being disciplined to improve your quality of life?

- What is the purpose of food in your life? Do you make meals work for your good?

- How can involvement with Christ and His people improve and energize your life?