Excel Still More

"Us" over "Me"

August 28, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 35
Excel Still More
"Us" over "Me"
Show Notes

The ESM Podcast has largely been built for individual application and growth. For one thing, that's a whole lot easier to talk about and accomplish in comparison to collective behavior. You can change you. But changing others... that's a whole lot tougher. Changing the direction of an entire family, church, or culture... that seems impossible.

But Scripture challenges us over and over again to think more societally. Even the story of Nehemiah was not about a guy who rebuilt his life. It was about a guy who left his life to help his people rebuild their security! What would that look like in your life? By that I mean, in the lives of others because you are a part of it?

Today we will look at Paul's shipwreck story in Acts 27. Except, it's not really Paul's story. It is the story of 276 people, suffering the consequences of poor leadership, finding safety as Paul helped them all honor God. Now that's what I'm talking about! How could God use you for something like that? Let's explore that idea today!

- How is Nehemiah's story really about "Us" and not "Me"?

- Have you noticed how often Jesus uses plural pronouns in His teachings?

- Is Paul's shipwreck about one man helping himself or helping a bunch of people?

- Where is God positioning you to be a factor for rebuilding in your church?

- Working on yourself is good. But have you explored the real reason God is blessing that?