Excel Still More

The Healthy Tension

July 17, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 29
Excel Still More
The Healthy Tension
Show Notes

Tension is:
Often Challenging and Difficult
Outside Comfort Zone or Settled Law
Demanding Humility and Openness to Learn
Carries Benefit in the Wrestling and Working Required
Presents a Choice: 1) ignore.  2) Reject.  3) Give in.  4) Study.
Challenges you to seek Balance when it is Easier to Fall to one side.

Unhealthy Tension is:
Always seeking to get out of the conflict.
Anxious or Angry until you do.

Healthy Tension is:
Finding Value in the Process for Growth.

Healthy Tension Truths:
Tensions are often unsolvable 
Just choosing a side won't work for long
Wisdom is often found in resistance 
Compromise is usually not the answer
"And" is a better word than "But"