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Pursuing "Mature Discipleship"

May 08, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 19
Excel Still More
Pursuing "Mature Discipleship"
Show Notes

I chose a thumbnail for this episode after the content was recorded. It isn't actually referenced in the audio today. But I really love it. We need to be transformed. We want changed hearts and minds and lives. That means building everything around the cross of Jesus. Not the resurrection. not the ascension. The cross. The great act of power and kingdom glory was in Jesus lowest, most sacrificial moment on earth.

Being a disciples means being transformed into the image and life of Christ. I fear too many of us feel like maturity in discipleship is the right baptism and the right church and a good moral life. There is so much more. We are to become more like Him. Do you and I value our kingdom growth in terms of how much closer we become like Jesus on the cross?  Is growing in littleness and self sacrifice the metric for strength?

Today we explore all of that and continue to discuss things found in the Ronald Rolheiser book, Sacred Fire. I recommend that read to you. He included three stories from the Gospels that can begin a needful transformation in us all. Certainly me. 

- Why do youth need compassion and justice while building their lives?

- How are we to transition from building a life to giving that life away?

- If we followed the model of Jesus life, what would be our greatest achievement?

- How does our need to understand what Christ is doing sometimes limit our growth?

- How does a narrow view of our mission sometimes a problem in great discipleship?