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Hugging the Cactus

April 24, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 17
Excel Still More
Hugging the Cactus
Show Notes

In 2011 Robert Downey Jr. gave an acceptance speech at an award show. In that speech he spoke of how he had to "hug the cactus," the deep, dark part of his life, in order to remove it. It was hard and painful, but it brought him humility and a changed life. For many of us, we can't just walk by a cactus like that and things be okay.

I think I've often focused on smaller problems in order to justify ignoring bigger ones. But it turns out, the big problem is usually the thing causing the smaller ones! This is a needful, deeply personal process that can lead to a tremendously transformed life.

Are you ready to stare at the cactus in the garden? No more excuses or justification. When we hug it and shake it and wrestle with it, we can, and by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, will shake it loose!

- Why are good friends the ones who challenge us to face our demons?

- Why should forgiveness be extended to everyone who addresses their problems?

- How can you identify the true cactus that might reside in your life?

- Why embrace it? Why not just acknowledge it and move on?

- How do we actually hug this thing? What kind of attention is needed?