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Just "Do Something"

April 17, 2023 Kris Emerson Season 5 Episode 16
Excel Still More
Just "Do Something"
Show Notes

Sam Bennett is a collegiate golfer from Texas A&M. He made an amazing showing at the Masters tournament recently. But his tattoo got as much attention as his golf game. He lost his father two years ago and had his father's last written words identically tattooed on his arm. The message is powerful and needful for us all.

It can be so easy to do nothing. We do nothing out of fear. We do nothing out of a lack of self belief. Often we may do nothing as a result of a weaker faith than we'd like to admit. Jesus didn't teach a "do nothing" Gospel. His message is for disciples to follow Him. He asked them to do something. He challenged them to do hard things, amazing things, and things that would change the world. He is calling you to that same path.

- Why is it so easy to do nothing, even when we know change could help?

- How is "Don't wait to do something" a message we all need every day?

- What is a better version of you in terms of faith or family or even fitness?

- What will happen if you use your gifts, even in small amounts, over time?

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