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Ep. 68 - Let's Compare Ourselves

September 12, 2019 Season 1 Episode 68
Excel Still More
Ep. 68 - Let's Compare Ourselves
Excel Still More
Ep. 68 - Let's Compare Ourselves
Sep 12, 2019 Season 1 Episode 68
Kris Emerson
Comparing yourself to others is traditionally viewed as a mistake. But is it? Maybe it's the key to growth!
Show Notes

Okay, you may not agree with me on this one, but hear me out.  We traditionally view comparing ourselves in a negative light.  And, to be fair, comparing yourself with people you view as "better than you" can cause some serious deeds of the flesh outcomes, like jealousy and strife.  Also, comparing your self to people perceived to be "worse than you" can be a pride trip and lead to unkind judgments. 

BUT... just because something can produce a poor outcome doesn't mean it is the wrong thing to do.  In fact, there are some excellent benefits to comparing yourself to other people.  If it is someone ahead of you, there are things you can see and learn and do to become more like them.  If it is someone behind you, there are compassions and service elements that can be triggered in you, for their good!  Let's explore and compare!

- Why do we consider comparing ourselves to be a bad thing

- How can it often go wrong

- But why is comparison with someone ahead of you a potentially great thing.

- And why is comparison to someone worse off actually a trigger for good outcomes

- What must we do to make comparisons beneficial in our lives


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