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Ep. 66 - Say Thank You

September 05, 2019 Season 1 Episode 66
Excel Still More
Ep. 66 - Say Thank You
Excel Still More
Ep. 66 - Say Thank You
Sep 05, 2019 Season 1 Episode 66
Kris Emerson
Thank You is a phrase that can be used in almost ANY situation, and we'd do very well to use it often!
Show Notes

Please and Thank You are the magic words!  We all learned that as kids, but do you know it still stands? Maybe we will look at Please in a future episode.  Today our focus is on that second term.  The truth is, in nearly EVERY situation, there is room for a Thank You.  It is often a much better choice than what might awkwardly or negatively be said instead.  Let's look at how this all starts with a healthy prayer life.  Then it ought to live daily in healthy relationships.  But finally, we'll talk about how Thank You may even be the key term when someone has said something unkind to you!  It's just that great!  Let's jump in.

- How is thankfulness the key to happiness

- Why is thankfulness so necessary in daily prayers

- When is the right time to tell someone Thank You

- What are 7 Situations (James Clear article) when Thank You is appropriate

- Are you ready to take the Thank You challenge today


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