Excel Still More

Ep. 57 - Is It Me?

August 05, 2019 Season 1 Episode 57
Excel Still More
Ep. 57 - Is It Me?
Excel Still More
Ep. 57 - Is It Me?
Aug 05, 2019 Season 1 Episode 57
Kris Emerson
When there is a problem, whose fault do you HOPE it is? The answer may say a lot about your excel still more journey!
Show Notes

Let's talk about a story from the 1800's, where a tragic crisis arose.  A man tried to fix it:  he changed everything and everyone around him, to no avail.  Finally, one day, he asked the fateful question: "Is it me?"  It was.  And with just a small personal adjustment, many lives were saved!  How many of us go through the blame cycle of other people, situations and circumstances, without every realized that maybe I am the one who can change and make the most difference.  This episode does not suggest that every problem is 100% your fault.  But it asks you to evaluate your fault in every situation and change it starting there. Maybe that move will catch on and others will follow suit!

- How to see problems from a default self-evaluation perspective

- Why should you HOPE that you are the cause of a problem

- How can you have a positive attitude about being wrong 

- How to create a new culture of humility and growth in your family

- How to use "It is me?" as a starting point in all life improvement


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