Excel Still More

Ep. 55 - Sailing Off Course

July 29, 2019 Season 1 Episode 55
Excel Still More
Ep. 55 - Sailing Off Course
Excel Still More
Ep. 55 - Sailing Off Course
Jul 29, 2019 Season 1 Episode 55
Kris Emerson
Holding the course toward your goals is awesome. But sometimes the more courageous move is to sail off course!
Show Notes

It is great to set your course and stay on it.  Deciding on goals and pursuing them, no matter what, can really bring great results!  There are lots of cool Olympian stories of athletes who were big winners, because they wouldn't give up.  Some were losers, but they never took their eye off the finish line.  However, sometimes it isn't about reaching the finish line.  Sometimes it is more courageous to sail off course. Let me tell you a story of a Canadian Sailor in the 1988 Olympics who did just that.  And it took more heart than any gold medal story you've every read.  Let's hold the course, unless getting off it is the right thing to do.  Check it out!

- How to know when it is right to sail off course

- What do we learn from the Olympians about fighting for goals.

- How do we know when it's time to hit the pause button on a goal.

- How can we sometimes be a bit too self-involved in our journey to get better

- How can we incorporate service of others into our daily march to grow in Christ


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