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Ep. 52 - Change or Accept

July 18, 2019 Season 1 Episode 52
Excel Still More
Ep. 52 - Change or Accept
Excel Still More
Ep. 52 - Change or Accept
Jul 18, 2019 Season 1 Episode 52
Kris Emerson
Every life issue comes down to two choices: change it starting now, or accept it prayerful and move on.
Show Notes

We all have issues in our lives.  You know, things we don't like, troubles, problems, stress producers.  However, we do not have to let bad situations rob us of our peace as children of God.  Prayers are helpful. But they won't be enough.  Life will push itself back in between you and God.  If you want to see things be at peace, you must examine three words:  CHANGE OR ACCEPT.  We will run through a series of questions you should ask when something undesirable is in your path.  We will look at several examples, maybe ones that hit home for you.  Prayerfully and with self discipline, we can Change or Accept our way to a great day!

- How to use "Change Or Accept" to address any problem

- How do I find the strength to change things under my control

- How can I find something to try in every situation before defaulting to "accept"

- How to take an issue to God so that He may change it for me

- How to accept things that simply cannot be changed in this life


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