Excel Still More

Ep. 50 - Casting A Shadow

July 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 50
Excel Still More
Ep. 50 - Casting A Shadow
Excel Still More
Ep. 50 - Casting A Shadow
Jul 11, 2019 Season 1 Episode 50
Kris Emerson
Influence upon others is often times unconscious, but potent. Grow to solidify the positive impact of your influence on others.
Show Notes

I sometimes get annoyed at things other people do... even though I do them myself.  This is part of life.  The real revelation is when I discover that it was my influence that led to their behavior!  Yes, we all cast a shadow.  It is inevitable and powerful.  You have an impact, an influence, on every person you are around.  Taking ownership of that importance is crucial. But it can be overwhelming to be responsible for how others behave.  Fortunately, there is a secret to that: the Light.  Shadows are what happens when a focused beam of light shines upon a person.  Let's talk about that!  

- How to accept that other's conduct might be the result of your own.

- How to take ownership for influence on other people.

- Why we must mind our shadow and how inevitable our influence is.

- How to cast a more well defined and helpful shadow upon others.

- Why our alignment with the Light of Christ will make all the difference.


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