Excel Still More

Ep. 46 - Start From Here

June 27, 2019 Season 1 Episode 46
Excel Still More
Ep. 46 - Start From Here
Excel Still More
Ep. 46 - Start From Here
Jun 27, 2019 Season 1 Episode 46
Kris Emerson
For those who haven't begun and for those who've hit the pause button: Start From Here
Show Notes

No matter who you are, there will be stretches when things don't come together.  Streaks get broken.  Outside influences distract.  We don't get the frog eaten.  We don't fulfill our daily highlight.  There is no one great hour.  For some, this means the end.  Great progress is abandoned by "setbacks."  Listen, don't worry about days that don't go well, just start from here.  No matter what is gone wrong or how long it has been since you've had it all together: start from here.  If you have listened to episodes and just haven't gotten off the couch, or started journaling, or engaged with a church: start from here.  We don't look back, we don't lose confidence, we don't measure ourselves against others: we just get up, right now, and go.  No matter how many times we stop or get stopped, our next move, our best move is clear:  Start. From. Here. 

- How to get started again when you've come to a stop

- How to get started when you haven't yet engage

- How to forget past failures and focus on the future

- How to have a "start from here" attitude that is optimistic

- How to apply "start from here" to your walk with Christ.


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